Full version of conference program

The full version of the conference program (updated 8/24/12) is available on the Conference Schedule page. 


Reminders to Session Chairs and Participants: Time Frames for Sessions at the SSAWW Conference

Attention Session Chairs and Participants! Please read the attached letter for important reminders on session time frames.

Reminders to Session Chairs and Participants DOC

Reminders to Session Chairs and Participants PDF

Graduate Student Travel Funding Forms

Graduate student travel funding forms (printable) are available at the SSAWW site and below. They’re due September 10.

Word format http://www.wsu.edu/~campbelld/ssaww/gradfunding.doc

.pdf format http://www.wsu.edu/~campbelld/ssaww/gradfunding.pdf

Updated Conference Program

Click on the Conference Schedule tab to see the updated conference schedule (7/31/12). 

New Information Posted

Visit the TRAVEL page for a HOTEL INFORMATION & PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION OVERVIEW and also see the new page, LOCAL INFO & RESTAURANT GUIDE– courtesy of our Local Arrangements Committee.

Check Membership at SSAWW Site

Are you current with your SSAWW dues? The SSAWW site now has a membership list with dates of renewals,http://www.ssaww.org/.

Early Registration Deadline-July 16

This is just a reminder that the early registration deadline of July 16 is just a few days away.  Please visit the following link to register: https://register.unl.edu/p-9-society-of-the-study-of-american-women-writers-conference-2012-citizenship-and-belonging.aspx.