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Conference Schedule Updates

The latest conference schedule (including updates) and a page just containing the updates are available under the Conference Schedule tab. 

See you in Denver!


Travel via shuttle, bus, or taxi

The travel information is available from the Travel tab: by bus, $11; by SuperShuttle, $22 one way and $38 round trip; and by taxi, about $55. Make your reservations soon if you’re using SuperShuttle. There’s a discount for SSAWW members:

Super Shuttle
Supershuttle is providing SSAWW attendees with a special round-trip rate. One way: $22, round trip $38. The discount code is SSAWW. For more information and to make reservations, please go to the following site:

Shuttles run about every 15 minutes, from 8am through 5:30pm, and less frequently at other times.

Book Exhibit at the SSAWW Conference

Dear SSAWW colleagues,

            If you are presenting at the upcoming conference in Denver in October, but your publisher will not be at the book exhibit, you may still be able to have your BOOK on hand by working with Scholar’s Choice, which will be preparing an exhibit drawing from multiple academic presses.

            Our contact person at Scholar’s Choice is Mary Lynn Howe. Here’s her advice on arranging to have your recent book included:

“Any authors with newer publications should contact their publishers ASAP and let them know they’ll be speaking & would like to see their book included in our exhibit. . . . [W]e don’t choose what gets included; it is up to the publishers to choose to send them.”

            Using a copy of the conference program, Scholar’s Choice has already contacted a number of presses directly, so it’s possible your publisher may already be making plans to participate. But it might not hurt to check in with the marketing department at your press(es).

            Here’s Ms. Howe’s email to pass along to your publisher’s representative:


            Hope to see you—and your publications!—in Denver at the book exhibit.

            Deb Clarke, Maria Sanchez and Sarah Robbins, Conference Coordinators

Full version of conference program

The full version of the conference program (updated 8/24/12) is available on the Conference Schedule page. 

Graduate Student Travel Funding Forms

Graduate student travel funding forms (printable) are available at the SSAWW site and below. They’re due September 10.

Word format

.pdf format

Updated Conference Program

Click on the Conference Schedule tab to see the updated conference schedule (7/31/12). 

Check Membership at SSAWW Site

Are you current with your SSAWW dues? The SSAWW site now has a membership list with dates of renewals,