Conference Message from SSAWW President Deb Clarke

Dear Colleagues,

We have posted a preliminary version of the conference schedule on the website at this URL: Please check to make sure your presentation is listed. It looks to be a very exciting program!

A couple of details: our budget is very tight and it’s imperative that we fulfill our commitment to the Westin by making our block of hotel rooms. Thus I urge you please to book your room at the conference hotel. If we fail to make our block, we’re subject to thousands of dollars in penalties, well into five figures.

Similarly, we have an obligation to spend $12,000 on food. Two significant pieces of that budget are the Mentoring Breakfast and the Networking Lunch. So please, sign up for these meals. It will be well worth the price, which we’ve made as low as possible within hotel catering possibilities. We have a terrific lineup for the Mentoring Breakfast, covering topics from dissertations (writing and directing) to publishing to social networking to promotion. It’s designed to have something for everyone, regardless of position or location. The Networking Lunch was a big success at the last conference, and we look forward to the opportunities for our membership to forge new connections, look into possibilities for setting up virtual writing groups, and to meet others in their area.

To those of you who submitted individual proposals, I grouped those into panels. Some, I have to confess, came together better than others. Please excuse some creative connections!

Finally, this program represents hundreds of hours of work from our conference team: co-directors Sarah Robbins and Maria Sanchez, and graduate assistants Larisa Asaeli and Sara Taylor Boissonneau. No program is ever arranged to the satisfaction of all, but we tried hard to assign times based on attendees’ likely interests (spreading periods, key authors, ethnicities, and themes across time slots, for instance) and to schedule those participants with two conference obligations to have their sessions as close together as possible. Addressing such specific goals wasn’t always possible, given that we also needed to group panels requiring AV in order to reduce those costs. Please send questions about the conference to our general, shared email address:

The Local Arrangements Committee—Gillian Silverman, Tina Gianquitto, and Jennifer Armstrong—has been compiling tons of useful information about Denver and the surrounding area, including restaurants, museums, events, and airport transportation. It will be posted as the date approaches.

Massive thanks to all who have contributed! The papers look terrific and we look forward to seeing you all in Denver.

Deb Clarke, SSAWW President


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